Code of Ethics Primary Principles

All professionals possessing a certification granted by Virtual Governance Institute will be expected to adhere to and support the following fundamental principles of conduct:

Unimpeachable Character

Above all else they will act with the utmost care and diligence on a basis of trust that will establish an unquestionable basis for the accuracy and integrity of their work.

Independence in Thought and Actions

Under no circumstances will the professional fail to disclose and report timely and accurately all facts as they know them based upon the best data, business intelligence and proven information available irrespective of any persons or other bodies of influence that may seek to alter what they know to be true.

Professional Competency

All certified professionals will perform to the highest level of competence in the provision of their services in their given field of expertise.  They will also maintain and accelerate their levels of competence through additional training and education as mandated by the certification requirements.

Non-Disclosure of Intellectual Property and Confidential / Proprietary Information

Unless mandated and prescribed by law and thereby bound to do so, under no circumstances whatsoever will any organization’s information as defined above whether an employer or obtained through a contractual relationship be disclosed to an unauthorized party or used for any personal gain by a certified professional as designated herein.


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The Virtual Governance Institute has created a core curriculum of progressive methodologies and academic content in the areas of Risk Assessment, Enterprise Risk Management and Fraud Auditing to deliver cutting edge proprietary approaches to each of these critical governance areas.


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