Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics states the principles, criteria for practice and expectations governing the behavior of certified professionals earning these designations from Virtual Governance Institute and in applying the acquired acumen in professional practice. The minimum standards of conduct and professional behavior are set forth. 

The practices of audit and assurance as well as Enterprise Risk Management are essential to the overall governance structure of any truly world class organization.  They must also be independent in their functionality and organizational structure.  Normally in appropriate and highly functional organizational structure they will have Board level reporting responsibility to the Audit Committee and or the Risk and Disclosure Committee.  These levels of reporting mandate professional behavior of the highest ethical level.  In addition, the utilization of the organization’s data, a key asset, also requires significant professional care and due diligence in the acquisition of and utilization of same.  Properly discharged these functions cannot only provide the highest levels of assurance, but can insure a more effectively run organization thus increasing profitability and efficiency thus contributing to the bottom line as opposed to creating another non-earning asset or cost center.

This code of ethics is meant to clarify the roles and responsibilities of any and all professionals that undertake the challenge of enhancing their skills and professional competency by obtaining one of these prestigious and unequaled certifications.  Auditors and ERM professionals who attain these certifications will be recognized as progressive thought leaders in the realm of corporate governance for the 21st century and beyond.  Professionals in these areas who properly prepare themselves with the skill sets within these designations will be sought after the world over. 

Their unique skills will be mandatory to deal with the governance opportunities and demands of the data focused age that we live in and the future which will only become more data intense.


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