Professional Certifications

The Certifications that are available are listed below, click on the Certification icon for additional details and requirements:

CCARDA – Certified in Continual/Continuous Audit & Risk Data Analytics

The focus of this certification is the determination of the key data (key outcomes and key risk indicators) to be used in risk evaluation. Once the appropriate data has been identified, the correct analytic technique must be selected to determine the point of risk that needs to be addressed. Inherent this certification is the technical ability to extract and manipulate data using means that are repeatable for determining and addressing risk.

CERMDA – Certified in Enterprise Risk Management Data Analytics

The focus of this certification is Enterprise Risk Management being redefined using a data-centric approach. CERMDA professionals will have the capability of recognizing and managing all types of business and organizational risk that can and will occur within the enterprise. Individuals holding this certification would have the capability to direct and manage those who will be extracting and manipulating data and reporting risk posture to the Board and other appropriate levels of authority.

CFADA - Certified in Fraud Auditing Data Analytics (In Development)

In the world of business and government there are situations in which fraud manifests itself on a daily basis.  Just read the news on any given day and you will encounter instances of nefarious behavior.  The challenge in today's world is to be able to utilize data effectively to recognize the opportunistic situations for fraud to develop, to uncover fraud that exists and to prevent fraud from occurring.  This can be accomplished through the use of data analytics and systems designed.


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Risk University

The Virtual Governance Institute has created a core curriculum of progressive methodologies and academic content in the areas of Risk Assessment, Enterprise Risk Management and Fraud Auditing to deliver cutting edge proprietary approaches to each of these critical governance areas.


The Virtual Governance Institute has created and is now introducing professional certifications that will identify individuals as leaders in the field of Auditing, Enterprise Risk Management and Data Analytics.


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