CPE Requirements

For VGI Certifications (CERMDA, CCARDA, CFADA), you need to earn and submit a minimum of 40 CPE credits. You need to do so before your certification annual anniversary date.


Please remember to retain all proof of credits earned throughout the CPE certificate three-year cycle as VGI may require full verification of earned CPE's. All VGI Certified professionals will be expected to provide evidence that they have met their annual CPE requirements if asked to do so.

Retaining VGI Certification

Once you’ve earned one of the world-class certifications here at VGI, you enter a group of unique professionals using real data and specific risk models to have an accurate, integrated and solid risk management framework to identify risk for your organization. However, certification is a privilege that must be earned and maintained.

To remain in good standing with your VGI Certification, you need to:

  •    Abide by the VGI Code of Ethics.
  •   Earn and submit Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.
  •   Pay your Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF).

The CPE requirements are as follows; the annual requirement is a minimum of 40 CPE credits. See the Resources section for qualified CPE Activities.

CPE Resources

  • Overview
  • Requirements
  • Activites
  • Audits
  • Carryover
  • Calculations
  • Ethics
  • Reporting
  • Manage CPEs

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