Ethics and CPE's

All certified professionals will perform to the highest level of competence in the provision of their services in their given field of expertise. They will also maintain and accelerate their levels of competence through additional training and education as mandated by the certification requirements.


Violation of the VGI code of ethics will result in the loss of any professional or paraprofessional certifications for the period of three years. Reinstatement is subject to VGI Board approval.

Professional Competency

Per the VGI rules of conduct, which can be found under Memberships, the following defines the responsibility of conduct pertaining to the VGI professional certification CPE activities and credits.

  • They will not misrepresent their capabilities nor undertake to perform any services that they are not capable of delivering at the required level of quality within the practice of their professional responsibilities.
  • They will meet all of the requirements to maintain their professional competency and will seek to improve and innovate within the performance of their professional responsibilities.

For more information regarding ethic for VGI professions, visit the ethics section under the Membership area.

CPE Resources

  • Overview
  • Requirements
  • Activites
  • Audits
  • Carryover
  • Calculations
  • Ethics
  • Reporting
  • Manage CPEs

Risk University

The Virtual Governance Institute has created a core curriculum of progressive methodologies and academic content in the areas of Risk Assessment, Enterprise Risk Management and Fraud Auditing to deliver cutting edge proprietary approaches to each of these critical governance areas.


The Virtual Governance Institute has created and is now introducing professional certifications that will identify individuals as leaders in the field of Auditing, Enterprise Risk Management and Data Analytics.


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